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Having Sleep Problems? Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

trouble sleeping

Sleep problems are among the pressing health issues faced daily by millions of people across the world. It is estimated that between 20 and 30% of adults experience some sort of sleep related problem. Sleep disorders are regularly referred to as insomnia, which is collectively defined as the chronic inability to obtain adequate sleep. This may, as a result, and contribute to the daytime sleepiness, making you inactive during the day, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and having general body weakness.

If you’re regularly struggling with sleep disorders, this article guides you through the major causes of the disorder and some of the possible ways to treat sleep problems.

Causes of sleep problems

Insomnia can be a result of both mental and physical issues. However, some medical conditions are also connected to the illness. Take a look at some of the major causes of insomnia.

•Psychological issues

These result from mental issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, and psychotic problems are giving you some sleepless nights. You tend to be mentally disturbed for prolonged durations.

•Medical conditions

Some medical conditions, such as chronic pain, angina, sleep apnea, brain lesions, and tumors, are some of the significant causes of sleep amongst various people.


Hormonal imbalances or cycles such as the estrogen hormone during the menstruation shifts may also cause insomnia.

•Disruptions from the workplace, such as the change in working shifts, great attitudes, and environmental problems such as freezing weather.

•Other factors such as pregnancy, genetic conditions, or even sleeping with people experiencing some snoring problems.

Insomnia can easily be detected, helping you to seek an excellent solution for the disorder.

Signs and symptoms of insomnia

√Fatigue or sleepiness during the day, making you unproductive in your workplace.

√Poor concentration and lack of focus in the workplace.

√Difficult falling asleep at night or sleeping for a few hours and waking earlier than the usual time.

√Feeling exhausted even after a night’s sleep.

√Depression and stress.

√Increased errors and even accidents while driving.

The solution to the sleeping problems

Once you have identified particular insomnia that you are suffering from, it is easy to figure out the right medication for such a condition. 

Some of the significant insomnia treatments include;

•Taking some prescribed sleeping pills to boost your sleep.



•Relaxation techniques, including muscle relaxation.

•Improving sleep hygiene, such as keeping a sleep schedule to ensure that you sleep at the right time or waking earlier than the usual time.

•Avoid sleep restrictions such as going to bed at tthe right time, exposing your body to extra activities leading to fatigue.

Insomnia is a health condition affecting several people in the globe, and people must identify the condition early and get the right treatment for such a condition. You may go through some medical tests, reveling some of your history information to help you track down the condition. This guide should thus be a perfect choice to help you determine if you’re experiencing sleep problems and how to get an ideal treatment on the same. The condition may easily be treated if you get to know the type of insomnia you are experiencing and the preferred solution to such a problem.

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